Sensors and screen display






In heaps of design session we learnt about sensors. There is heaps of sensors but we learnt about two, the names of them are the ultrasonic sensor and the touch sensor. The touch sensor is if your EV3 robot was about crash just before it crashed it picked up the wall but the object in front of the robot it couldn’t be long and skinny or small, it had to be bigger than the robot and wider.


You can make faces on the robot using screen display. You can make heaps of faces on the robot like smiley, sad, normal and heaps more. The Ultrasonic sensor is just like the touch sensor and it helps it work better. The sensor recognised the object in front of the robot.We had to have a touch sensor on the back as well so the robot back into something it will detect it. We made a maze, it was really fun. Some groups got it first try because they had a good program other people it took them a while before they got the right program. It was fun to watch because the robots were trying to get out of the maze sometimes it took them a while. Making this programing and putting sensors on the robot has been fun, the maze wasn’t too hard so we adjusted it a bit, but we got told of for marking it too hard and had to put it to normal.


You can choose what type of sensor you want with this brick like the colour sensor, ultrasonic sensor the Gyro sensor and the touch sensor and more heaps. The second bit on the brick means it will be less than 4. The second last bit means the value is 50 it won’t go any further. The last bit on the brick is the distance of the centermeters.


WIN_20160826_13_11_41_Pro   This is the ultrasonic sensor.

Making all this has been a fun journey, I hope to continue with this for next term.




Robot Olympics





In design we had to finish our programs and pick are events our group is doing 100m and the chariot race. The 100m is to long so we shortened it to 10m because it’s more suitable for us. The chariot race is when there is a tralier are’s unfortunatley broke so we had to rebuild it but we found some really big tires which is good. I had heaps of fun making this building and programing I can’t wait till the mini Robot Olympics.

We went in the gym to pratice for the real Robot Olympics. We had to prepare because the ground was different to the carpet, the ground was wood and hard. Our group was preparing to master every event we did. We kept on praticing until is was just right. The gym was jam packed with different groups, it took about 5 minutes to have a turn. I can not wait until the Robot Olympics tommorow it’s going to be so much fun.





The Robot Olympics was so much fun! I will show you a video that describes what happened.


MATHS Olympics 100m




In maths we talked about Usain Bolt winning the 100m mens sprint, he’s time was 9.80, I got the little movie and shortened the clip because it went for 3 minutes. We thought about how many steps he took, I watched the clip very slow so I could see his steps it was 41.5. Every step he took was 2.41. I could long jump 3 meters thats amazing, little guys would have to take more steps and when the foot hits the ground it create friction it slows you down, tall guys would take big steps like Usain Bolt so that would mean less friction. Some other guys took over 50 steps

A marathon of her own


Over the past 2 weeks we have read a book called A marathon of he ,it’s a true story. This is a wonderful book with heaps a detail, it explains what happened to this 12 year old called Sophia that had to leave there country Crete just an Island outside Greece because of the Civil War and it wasted all there money so that had to move to Australia in 1955 just before the Melbourne Olympics. They went to Athens, Eygpt and Clomobo. I think later in the story Sophia will really like living in Australia because she didn’t was very keen on leaving Crete. The characters are


Philo the diary

Chrisse the friendn’t

The Mum



Mrs and Mr Adonmu


This book has only started and it is going to keep getting better. I’ve learnt alot already.