In the design we did programing. The EV3 robot wasn’t working for a while so we worked out what we are going to do to program the robot. It was really cool because you control the speed, sterering and the wheel rotations. The wheel rotations were really hard to figure out because we didn’t know how many centermeters one full wheel rotation was.When it started to work kept on doing spins and it was awful so we thought about the problem and realised what the problem was one wheel wasn’t moving. This was a totally new thing for me I have learnt a ton of new things.




In design today we starting of lego robotics. The teachers chose our groups, I think I had the best group because they were my best friends, I was very excited to do something like this because I have never done robotics and I’m not really into technology that much but I’m really into robotics and programing and we are learning programing next lesson which is ver good really enjoyed building vbcbv


bryon bay

I got a head start on the school holidays because I left two days early. I went to darwin on a plane to collect our caravan we left there last year in mid term break. We got and collected supplies and we where ready to go. We where on the road  by the next morning, our target was to go to drive along the coast to Geelong by the end of the holidays. We went to heaps of gorges and went to Madturanka hot springs there were so warm. My brother and I went under fence that said do not go past this fence in the water my brother got stuck and I thought he was going die but he didn’t which is good, then I tried it and fit through the perfectly. On the other side there was warning sign but it didn’t say you can’t go past so we went under this massive log to go there suddenly a snake tries to have a go at us so we fled to the safe area and swam under the I hit my head really hard on log it hurt.There was one gorge where it was a waterfall so we climbed it and it was really slippery and there was a swimming hole and we had a delightful swim then we went to Bryon Bay it’s the most Eastern point in Australia. We had to relax for a night because we were really tired, we got up early the next morning and walked along the beach to the most Eastern point in Australia and had a look around, surf and snorkling. We saw Flatheads, Brimms and this massive fish that we thought was a Catfish, next place was Yamba. This place was awesome we caught heaps of fish like Brimms, Flatheads and my brother caught an Eel. That was all the highlights of the trip.