Me book

WIN_20160615_13_29_33_ProToday in tripple R we got to share our me books, I found out heaps about some people

Miles, he loves footy and surfing, he’s favourite holiday was Noosa and he loves rasberries.

Ted, he’s favourite holidays were Lawn, Figi, Hawaii, the snow, Noosa and Beverly Hills he loves geelong cats, LA Clippers Seattle Seahawks and LA Dodges.

Darcy, He loves soccer, skiing and motorbike riding. He’s favourite holiday was when he went to the snow.

Charlie goes for Hawthorn Hawks and he’s favourite sport is cricket and he loves a sleep in

Ella her favourite animal is a tiger. She loves chocolate, pasta, strawberries and blueberries and she loves hockey and netball.

Evie loves swimming and she loves dogs.

I have learnt alot about different people that I don’t talk to that much

Lego Education Center

Last friday all of year 5 got to go to The Lego Education Center in Melbourne. Everyone was really excited about the lego excursion, the bus ride took about 1 hour and 15 minutes. As soon as we got of the bus everyone was really happy we wanted to got to the lego center, when we got there I was very suprised, I thought the lego center would be massive but instead it was a normal size shop I was thinking it is going to be a enormous shop but it wasn’t, the teachers split halve of 5C with 5A and the other halve with 5B.

Mel and Nelly the educators welcomed us in, first I started to build a lego billy cart with my partner Ted Middleton, we got instructions how to build the car and when were done we have to see how far our car can go down a ramp the very end was 4 meters including the meter when you start. We had record our estimates before recording how far our billy car. I think my partner and I did pretty well we went very far I can’t remember how far we went but I know we went far. The challenges kept getting harder one time the educators double the ramp. We had a quick break.

As soon as we finished our quick break we had to make gears that make Lego figures spin on this chair by using gears. We could change the speed because you could the gears around like it could go fast or slow or just normal. It was fun because I’ve never liked the use of gears until now. I hope to play and with gears in school.

Last activity of the day until we had to go home, this was my favourite by far robotics, we had to get into groups of 3 it had buttons really similar to scratch. The you control can speed, turning and when to stop as well, the first challenge was to push a satellite by a car to a particular spot on a table I was so close to doing it first try so I made a couple of changes and in a few goes I got right on the spot on the table, the second challenge was to make the car hit a button to do something cool, unfortunately I forget. We did it first try it was amazing, it went forward turned left went straight again the hit it then our group thought about making it look, again we did it first but this time we made it do heaps of circles like doughes. We didn’t get to do the third challenge because we ran out of time.

I would like to thank Mel and Nelly for dedicating there time to let us learn about robotics, I hope to go again.



I spent most of my time doing blog posts yesterday so I didn’t do much. But I did do something, my level two was to hard so I changed a bit not to much. The edges were to small for the little cube to get through, I made a massive trick in my scratch. With that big red cube it’s suppose to make people think that it is the end of the level but it’s actully a trick it theres a black line in between it.