My favourite genre is action, adventure, horror, comedy, mystery, crime, history and sport.

My favourite book in this genre is The Last Elephant.

My Reading Challenge this term is to read a fantasy book.

Roller coaster




Our group is done our brilliant roller coaster. It’s really fun to make but you have to cooperate, our group is Ted M, Tommy G, Will R Joe O. I like all of these people to work with because they can cooperate and they are helpful. This was fun to make because it was difficult and challenging because we kept on having to fix it when we lifted the roller coaster to the table that we were working on. This is how the roller coaster works, so there is a chain that pulls up the carriage to the top then pushes it off and it dribbles along the track and finally goes up again, then does it all over again, just like a real rollerr coaster. This has been really fun to make.

roller coaster k’nex

WIN_20160412_11_36_43_Pro This is were all of the supplies were, we got every material to build the roller coaster.

This is our roller coaster made out of k’nex. We had a group of 8 people unfortunatly 3 people left, so there was only 5 people. It was hard to build with me not being an expert but I tried my best to cope with all of the pressure, I thought I did a pretty good, we each had different roll in the roller coaster project. Some people did photography, building the roller coaster, puting the tracks together and puting the pieces in order. You have to be carefull around it because flexible and bendy, if you knock it will break. Heaps of people in group of 4 people did different things we are going to join up with the inventions. This has been fun.



This is my and 5 other people’s k’nex bridge. It can hold over 100 kilos it’s overwhelming . It’s really fun to make but you have to work as a team, We had to draw a design in your book, I think I did a pretty good job of a plan. Then you had to build the bridge, When we started to get the hang of building the bridge and knowing where to put the k’nex but unfortantly another group wanted some of the green squares so we had to change a plan which was really different to our old plan but we managed. If you want to build a k’nex bridge I recommend you build a small and long type of bridge that’s better and have support everywhere so it doesn’t collapse. That’s my opinion anywayI think it’s better because it’s small and not to big, plus it doesn’t but as much pressure as big bridges because if you stand on a big bridge without support in the midde and all of the weight is in the center of the bridge it will collapse.