This is my friendship bracelet. Last week we had to choose 1 thing out of 3. I chose knots. The other 2 choices were glue and weaving, I thought knots would be challenging, fun and a new experience. All of us got mixed. I have never done this in my life. My first one was a failure but at least I could learn from that mistake and make my next one better. I cut it to short it was horrible. But from the help from friends, teachers and experts, it was easy. Mrs O’Brien my teacher that was helping us, she helped my by making a knot on the very end of my friendship bracelet and the very front. But it broke again thankfully my friend helped me. I had to get 3 colours of wool I chose green, navy blue and white. Green was my middle, you have to get any side then go over then under then there will be a little loop that you can put the string through that little hoop, then you repeat what you did, but you have use the other colour if you do this you can make a friendship bracelet. I think if you like making and crafting this activity is for you. I really enjoyed doing this crafting session. I love this making bracelets.

Pom Pom Creations

WIN_20160219_14_57_53_ProThis is my new Pom Pom it’s finished.

WIN_20160205_11_38_51_Pro This was my old Pom Pom.

It’s amazing how much my Pom Pom has changed over the past week. It’s has been frustrating,fun,hard and easy at times. But overall it has been a fun experience because I have never done this before. I thought it was going to be boring because I didn’t know how to make a Pom Pom. It was challenging but from the help of my friends, teachers and experts and when I finally knew how make a Pom Pom. It was awesome, and I could teach other people.