iProject post

For my iProject I am doing spraypaint stencil art on a skateboard deck.I have finally finished my stencil and will soon be painting my final board. I hope to finish it by the end of next week. I will do a post when I am finished.

Reading log – Term 3, Week 8

Comic Strip: Create a 4 part comic strip about an event from your book. Don’t forget speech bubbles!  Draw it then scan it into your blog page.



It’sa bit blurry but the 2nd one says CRASH, The third one says BRAKE and the last one says Mick, Sean has died.

What I have learnt this week – Week 8, Term 3

Maths: This week in maths we worked on working with larger numbers. We had to solve problems like what is 39*3487 or what is the biggest 3 digit number that is divisible by 3. It was kind of hard at first but once I got the hang of it it was a breeze.

English:This week in english I did a seed on rope because it could be used to make lots of different drafts. Then I did a draft on how to make a paracord bracelet. It’s going well so far and I hope to conference it soon.

Inquiry: This week in inquiry we’ve been editing our first draft of the geelong tourism film. I’m slightly behind because it has taken me a while to get the space on my laptop to copy our 19 gigs of footage.

Reading log – Week 5, Term 2

Watching Words: Locate and record various words from your book which describe the following:


Characters Actions Places Feelings
 Determined, strong (physically and mentally), talented, athlete  Fast, snap, air, advanced, experienced, developed  warm, cold, current, waves, sandy  sad, depressed, in awe, scared, pumped, stoked

I was doing mick fanning surf for your life (for the millionth time).


What I have learnt this week, Week 5, Term 3

Maths: this week in maths we did problem solving. This was the problem: to drive from Bluff to Emerald you must drive west through Blackwater then past Tolmies Siding before passing through Comet and onto Emerald. Bluff to Blackwater is one kilometer less than half the distance from Comet to Emerald whilst the distance from Tolmies Siding to Comet is one kilometer more than half the distance from Comet to Emerald. Tomlies Siding is 14 kilometers west of Blackwater. If the distance from Emerald to Blackwater is 75 Kilometres, how far is it from Bluff to Emerald. VERY confusing. What I did to work it out was:
x+x/2+1+14 = 75
x+x/2 = 60
3x/2 = 60
3x = 120
x = 40 km
x/2-1 = 40/2-1 = 19 km
19km+75km = 94 km


English: this week in english I started publishing a piece called black. it is about an unknown creature chasing me down and attacking me in the middle of the night. I am cutting out tentacles to stick on and they will pop out.

Inquiry: This week i was sick for inquiry but now for the world first we are going to supa tramp Tuesday morning and torquay all day on Wednesday!

Reading log – Week 4, Term 3

Developing a Narrative: Choose a fiction book you have read recently. Think about the stages of this narrative – its Orientation, the Complication and the Resolution. What happened in each stage?

My book is Mick fanning surf for your life. It is a biography so it’s structure is slightly different than a narrative.


 Mick fanning was born in Sydney then moved to the Gold Coast. He became sponsored and was a very good surfer. 





 Mick’s brother, Sean, died at 20 in a car crash. Mick ripped his hamstring clan off the bone in Indonesia. Mick couldn’t surf for 9 months 





 Mick recovered and won 2 world titles, one on his first year back after his injury, got married and became very famous. 




What I learnt this week – Week 4, Term 3

Maths: This week in maths we did problem solving. The question was about an intercom system that was installed into a school. There are 20 classrooms 1 office and 2 staffrooms. If each room is connected individually, how many connections are there in total. At first i got 506 23*22=506 but then I thought about it deeper and realised that it was actually 253 because if each room is connected individually  then room 1 would have 22 connections but then room 2 would have 21 connections because it is already connected to room 1 which means that room 3 has to have 20 connections and so on. I used this equation to figure it out: 22+21+20+19+18+17+16+15+14+13=12+11+10+9+8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1+0=253. If you look closely you will see that the equation has exactly 23 numbers, the same number as the rooms. I added the 0 because that is the 23rd room which connects to no other rooms.

English: This week in English I conferenced a piece called ‘black’ which was about  being chased by an unknown creature in the middle of the night. i went in wanting a word to describe the outside of a corner and i came out with the word ‘cryptic’. I am publishing it now.

Inquiry: This week in inquiry we have been on our shotlists for ‘Geelong by kids for kids’. My partner, Tom has been away so I’ve got to do it all by myself which wasn’t a problem because I know Torquay and supatramp well. We hve to hand it in to miss Torney tomorrow morning.

Reading log – Week 3, Term 3

‘Developing Characters’: Think about a book character. How has the author developed the character? Has the author made the character ‘real’ with positive, negative and interesting personality and physical traits? Complete the PMI on the character’s traits to find out!


Mine is on James Adams from the Cherub series


  • He is strong
  • He is only 15 and is doing GSCE maths


  • He has a short temper
  • He sometimes doesn’t think things throung


  • He is an orphan
  • He is a qualified Cherub agent