What I have learnt this week – Week 5, Term 4

Maths: This week in maths we did more algebra. We did a sheet with some balance equations. I taught the class and used a strategy called jumping the fence. ┬áIt is where you have to swap the numbers around so that all the numbers are on one side and all the letters are on the other side of the equals. The rule is that when you swap the integer over, it become the opposite value. E.G. -4x will become 4x and 4x will become -4x. The other thing is that if a number is behind a – sign or a division sign it has to be treated as that value.

English: This week in english i finished a new book. It will be on my reading rant page soon. I also did a seed on surfboards. I wrote a piece on a boy who could see the date of peoples death above their heads. But oneday he notices something odd, The date over every bodies head is all the same, November the 27th. I am hoping to publish this piece soon.

Inquiry: This week in inquiry we started a new thing called a personal project. It is like an iproject but is with all of year 6. I’m in a group with Jesse Mc, Zoe and Jacob and were doing a video on healthy living.

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