SOS 10 film – Australian Fur Seal

This term our project as to make a film about one of ten endangered animals at the Melbourne zoo. I chose The Australian Fur Seal. Next we had to research our animal. I researched my animal and found some great facts. Then I moved onto my script. I used all the facts and information I found out about my seal to construct my script. It wasn’t very hard to get my script done because I got most of it from researching. Then came the day of filming. In the morning we got all our cameras and scripts ready for the day ahead. Some people had great successes and great disappointments but in the end we all got some footage. After the actual filming came the editing. I put all of my footage into corel and then started to edit, and edit, and edit. I found some images to compliment my footage And then started to do my voiceovers. After I finished my voiceovers I lined them up with the footage, added some music and voila, The masterpiece is finished. After finishing my masterpiece, my piece de resistance, My cherry on top we did a feedback session. My only feedback was to change the music, so I did. Then after we had finished our final draft came the last positive reinforcement session. Here are the comments I got.

I really think your film made me care about your animal and be aware about seals – Isaac


I liked how the music wasn’t too upbeat and not too sad, also good use of imagery-Callan


you had some really powerful imagery-sergej


I think you had a really powerful message Harry H


Your message was really strong and the music suits it – Owen


You had a few really powerful images that got your message across – Jack


I liked the images that you put into the film and the message was clear and strong. Harry Sadler


i like all the facts you shared-olly🍕🍔


the photos were very powerful, really good. spencer


I really liked the facts you included and your music really complemented your film. Great job-Tilly


The photos you used in your film had an extremely powerful message. I liked your music, and the piece to camera was done well. The facts were awesome. – Angus I


Your P.T.C was really good and I liked how the mucis was just playing softly and your footage was amazing. – Nick


I love the interesting facts you used. Great footage. The music suited it really well – Steven


Your P.T.C. was really good and your footage was amazing. It really made the audience care about the seal and why it was dying out.-Mary B.


i liked the confronting photos that made me care for the animal-Noah:)


I liked the choice of music. I also liked the facts and the footage. The music was at a good volume, same with your voiceovers – Harry Santa


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