What I have learnt this week – Term 4, week 2

Maths: This week in maths we did algebra on a website. We had to do balancing e.g. 2x+3=x+5 and we had to work out what x was. I found it very easy because all of the answers for x were 3 or below. Miss Torney gave us an extra question which was supposed to be hard but I worked it out in about 2 seconds flat, the answer was 5.


English: This week in English I wrote a piece about the elements, wind, water, fire and earth. I tried to use lots of description and included all of the elements and least once, water over three times. I am also hoping to do some more poem/snapshot pieces about the elements. The hardest part about writing a piece is starting it, I find it really hard to start a good piece. But once I get started it all flows easily.


Inquiry: This week in inquiry we started to work on our zoo films. First we had to clear all the Geelong promo film footage and the corel file, which gave me 22 gigabytes more space. Then we downloaded all the footage onto our laptops and cleared the card. After that we culled our footage and then shared our culled footage on the k drive. Then we started putting all our footage into corel. I like all of my footage apart from my piece to camera, where you couldn’t see my face because under where you could see the seals swimming underwater didn’t have many lights. I am almost up to the editing stage.

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