What I have learnt this week – Week 9, Term 3

Maths: This week in maths we did the last maths Olympiad for this year. The first few questions were fairly easy but the second last one is almost impossible. The question was there is a game called sports all where you can score either a 4 or a 5 on each turn. There are many combinations possible such as 9 and 13, but there are also many combinations that are not possible like 7 and 17. What is the highest final score that is NOT possible? I just left it blank because I couldn’t work it out.

English: This week in English I started publishing a surfing piece. I am publishing it by folding a piece of paper over to make a wave.

Inquiry: This week in inquiry we finished our promo films. Mine is done and I really like it. I matched some cool effects with the music and did a split screen. I am very proud of the work and effort I put into this film.

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