What I have learnt this week, Week 5, Term 3

Maths: this week in maths we did problem solving. This was the problem: to drive from Bluff to Emerald you must drive west through Blackwater then past Tolmies Siding before passing through Comet and onto Emerald. Bluff to Blackwater is one kilometer less than half the distance from Comet to Emerald whilst the distance from Tolmies Siding to Comet is one kilometer more than half the distance from Comet to Emerald. Tomlies Siding is 14 kilometers west of Blackwater. If the distance from Emerald to Blackwater is 75 Kilometres, how far is it from Bluff to Emerald. VERY confusing. What I did to work it out was:
x+x/2+1+14 = 75
x+x/2 = 60
3x/2 = 60
3x = 120
x = 40 km
x/2-1 = 40/2-1 = 19 km
19km+75km = 94 km


English: this week in english I started publishing a piece called black. it is about an unknown creature chasing me down and attacking me in the middle of the night. I am cutting out tentacles to stick on and they will pop out.

Inquiry: This week i was sick for inquiry but now for the world first we are going to supa tramp Tuesday morning and torquay all day on Wednesday!

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