What I learnt this week – Week 3, Term 3

Maths: This week in maths we had a grid of numbers from 1 to 144 (I think) and we use our division cheats to find all the prime numbers. Then we used some of those prime numbers and added two of them to get every number from 4 to 50.

English: This week in English i submitted a piece for conference called ‘black’. I also did a seed on books vs screens. It was hard to find bad points for books.

Inquiry: This week in Inquiry we found out what our big project was for this term…Drum roll please *dum dum DUM DUM* We are making a world first promo film Geelong for kids by kids. Pretty much we are making a promo film aimed at kids and their parents to promote geelong and it surrounds. I can’t wait for filming day. We don’t have much info so I will inform (*WINKS WITH BOTH EYES*) you later.


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