What I Learnt This Week – Term 3, Week 2

Maths: This week in maths I did an old maths Olympiad. The first few questions weren’t very hard but the last two were quite challenging. I also learnt about long subtraction with Miss Torney. I got the hang of it very quickly so I made up a few of my own questions to test my knowledge.

English: This week in English Lukas and I decided to make a song together. We want to try and make it like a Midnight Oil song but more modern. We have finished the seed but we’re kind of stuck on the lyrics part.

Inquiry: This week in inquiry Sergej and I finally finished our DC storyclip. I found a few pictures and Sergej added some more pictures because he was editing. I made some music on mixcraft but sergej forgot to add it! I ended up putting the storyclip into corel and put the music into it. I rendered it but now it’s to big to post on my blog. So tomorrow I will have to re-render in a lower resolution.

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