What I have learnt this week – Term 3, Week 1

Maths: This week in maths we did the term’s pre-test There was lots of addition, multiplication, division, long division and lots more. It was really hard and I didn’t finish all the questions in time. We also did building views where there were numbers on a 4×4 grid and then we had to create it with blocks. E.G. it says 2 in the bottom left corner so than you put 2 blocks stacked on top of each other in the bottom corner.

English: This week in English I did a seed on war. Then out of that seed I made a narrative about a kidnapping. Lukas said that Miss Torney will not approve of it. I also did another seed on a surf spot called ‘boobs’ which I surfed last Sunday.

Inquiry: This week in Inquiry we watched a video on Cyber safety called The Lost Princess where a girl that didn’t have many friends in real life so than she went onto a chat room online and started talking to a person called… I can’t remember his name *SHAKES HEAD SLOWLY*. They started talking more and more and decided to send each other pictures. She lied about her age to him an said that she was 13 instead of 11. He also lied about his age and said that he was 14 when he was actually 40! He looked up a picture of a boy and sent it to her. Then she sent a picture of herself. After that he invited her to a kids band and then she went and couldn’t find him. Then she admitted that she was 11 and he said he’d still love her. Then he sent her a text asking if she’d still love him if he was 14 or 40!?! Then she called her mum and he got caught b a policeman.

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