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The most recent book that I have finished is Surf School By Laurine Croasdale.

It is about 4 girls who love surfing, Tilly, Marlee, Fran and Jasmine. They are on summer holidays. Tillys dad (Phil) gets run over riding his bike but the car keeps driving. Jasmine is hopelessly in love with a stranger in town who says he’s just here to help his mum move, All the girls as trying to help out at Phil’s surf shop.

This book is kind of a sports book and an action book. In the book there was a boy named Kyle. At some point in the book I liked him and in others I didn’t. He would be really nice to Marlee but then at a competition or around his friends he would be really mean. Another thing that I didn’t really like was how pretty much every page it changes to a different perspective so it might be talking about Tilly then it will go to Phil, Then Jasmine and so on. By the time I have got back to Tilly I have forgotten what she last said which sometimes can get really confusing. I would recommend this book to all girls surfer or not especial if you like an adventure. It isn’t a hard book like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games but it is still a good book to read. The girls in this book are kind of inspiring especially for surfers. They wake up really early in the mornings before school and go for a surf. There is no way I would do that because I am defiantly not a morning person! I think on a scale from 1-10 I would give this a 8!


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So the Hunger Games is pretty much a battle between every district. Katniss is the main character, she is from district 12. How they decide who goes from each district is that they pick names out of a hat. So depending on how old you are depend on how many times your name goes in. This year (the year it is in the book) is Katnisses sister Prim’s first year to have her name in the hat. Because she is only young she only has her name down once. For the Games you have to have one boy and one girl from each district competing. Surprisingly Prims name gets called out for the girl. Right away Katniss says that she will do it instead. After doing training and other things they all get put into an arena together and they have to kind of fight each other to death and there can only be one winner! At the moment Katness and the boy from her district (Peeta) have been in the arena for a whole night and they are both still alive!

This book would defiantly fit into the fantasy section. I am really enjoying this book but it really frustrates me how at the end of each chapter they don’t really leave you hanging so you don’t really feel as excited to read the next chapter. Another thing that kind of bothers me is that sometimes when Katness is talking to someone it drags on forever and ever! But know that they are in the arena feel like I cant put the book down! One character that annoys me sometimes is Haymitch. Half of the time he is drunk and the other half he is completely unhelpful! One character that I like is Peeta, Katness doesn’t like him because she thinks that he’s trying to distract her to make her lose but I think he is just trying to be helpful. I would defiantly recommend this book to others. I find it really hard to find a book that I like. If I don’t like it I will stop reading it in the first chapter but I finished it!


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This book is called a fault in our stars by John Green.

This story is about a girl named Hazel who has cancer and she falls in love with a guy named Augustus. We go to a support group together, They share books and are in hospital a lot! Augustus and Hazel are reading a book that stops half way through. They want to know what happens next so Augustus gets in touch with the author and they travel to his country/State they don’t really get an answer of what happened to the characters next. About half way through the trip Augustus tells Hazel that he has been diagnosed with cancer. After many hospital visits Augustus dies.

What genre?

  • Young adult fiction

What you liked and didn’t like about the text?

  • I really liked this book because it was sad although exciting at the same time! To make the story more interesting they added in random things, like Augustus getting cancer no one expected that that would happen.
  • Sometimes I felt like some sections of the book carried on for ages. For example if Hazel was explaining about how she was feeling and it would last for ever!   I also didn’t like that they would introduce a character and then never bring them back into the story because I wanted to know what happened to them

Who you liked and didn’t like in the story?

  • My favourite character was Hazel because she never gave up. Whenever she stood up for to long she would get dizzy and would need to sit down. When Augustus took her to a building that was really tall with an amazing view she didn’t give up. She climbed up every flight of stairs without giving up (because there was no elevator).
  • I didn’t like Isaacs girlfriend. Isaac had eye cancer and had one glass eye and one real one. After a while his cancer gets really bad so the doctors have to do something to his eye to make him go blind. When he finds out he tells his girl friend and she straight away dumps him because she doesn’t want a blind boyfriend!

Who you would recommend the book to and why?

  • I would defiantly recommend this book because its a movie so you can read the book before you watch the movie. I think  that movie misses lots of parts from the story

A rating of the book out of 10

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