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On Monday we went to ELC4 to show them our Scratch games. I showed 3 of the kids my games. I made a drawing game, A maze game, A quiz and a break the brick game. I think that next time I should explain the game more clearly because they didn’t really under stand how to move the monkey through the make. I am also going to change my brick breaker game because it was really hard for the little kids to control the paddle. I really enjoyed going to the ELC it was really fun!


the brick breaker

Today in Scratch I remade my game. My game is called Brick Breaker. I remade it because I wanted to change how the paddle moves ( The paddle is the brown rectangle thing that the ball bounces off ). The paddle used to follow my mouse to move but sometimes it stopped working so today I tried to make it move depending on what key I pressed. I made it so when you press the left arrow key the paddle goes left and when you press the right arrow key it moves right.

right arowleft

How do you do it?

To Make the program work you have to make sure you add a control that says when flag is clicked above the others (You press the flag to start the game) if you don’t the program probably wont work. Then I had to set the speed to zero so then when you press the green flag to start the game you don’t move until you press an arrow. Underneath that you put a Forever loop which means that whatever is in the forever loop will happen for the whole game. Then in the forever loop you add a program that says if               then. I the space between the if and the then you put in a script that says key right arrow pressed. Underneath that you put the script that says change speed by 1 so that when you press the right arrow key you will move in that direction. I your paddle has this programed in it when you press the right arrow key your paddle will move to the right. To make your paddle move to the left you copy the program that makes the paddle move to the right and then just change the bit the at says right arrow to say left arrow and it will make the paddle move left.



This is my holes story-

Holes is about a teenaged boy named Stanley. Stanley was found with a pair of stolen shoes and was sent to Camp Green Lake (which is a bit like jail but instead of being locked up behind bars they have to dig holes every day).  The holes have to be 5 feet in every direction. They wake up early in the morning so that they can get their holes dug before the sun comes out.

Camp Green Lake is not green and does not have a lake. It is dry, hot, dusty, full of holes and never ending. Stanley was told that he could run for days and he still would not be able to find any water.

Everyone at Camp Green Lake has a weird nickname. Stanley’s is Caveman and his friend’s nicknames are Zero, Armpit, Zig zag, X-ray, Squid and Magnet. There is a camp counsellor named Mr Pendanski (Mom) and a camp manager named Mr Sir

In the book, we are up to the part where Stanley has just come back from digging his 2nd hole and everyone is sitting in a circle talking about what they will do when they get out of Camp Green Lake.


On Friday I made a new game on Scratch. I named it brick breaker. I got the idea from playing someone else’s game then I tried to make it. I watched a tutorial about how to make it and then I did it on scratch. I am finding it hard to make it so that when the ball hits a brick the brick disappears. If you know can you please tell me! To play my game you have to press the space bar and the ball will go up and hopefully hit a brick. Then when the ball is coming down you move your mouse to where the ball will land. A brick will follow you. You want the ball to bounce onto the brick and go up again. If you  keep on repeating those steps you will eventually break all the bricks and then the game will end.brick breaker


Last Friday I learnt how to make animated scenes on microworlds. Its really easy. All you have to do is add or draw a background then add a turtle and then change it to another animal or object. Then you press animate which will make the animal move.At the start I didn’t really know how to make the dog look like it was running but Jasmine helped me and it was really easy. Since then I have made so many and its so much fun.



Today in robotics our robot wasn’t working. We had to replace the ev3 so we replaced it but it was out of charge. Because we had no robot to work on we did scratch. I didn’t now what to make on Scratch so I searched up flappy bird. I played it a few times then I tried to make it myself. It was really hard so I watched the tutorials again and then I asked some people. I am going to try and finish it over the weekend.



On Friday we started to learn how to use Scratch. I had never used Scratch before so I watched the tutorials and then I did it on my computer. I found it really Capturehard so I decided to start off by making a very simple maze. I didn’t really know how to make my bug move through the maze so Jade helped me. I am really enjoying Scratch and I have already made lots of games.




Today in robotics we were asked to make programs for our robots. It took me a while to figure out how to use it but eventually I managed to work it out. I started off by putting random pieces together and then seeing what it could do. After a while I managed to make my robot go around in circles. After I had made a few more things I decided to try and make my robot make a sound. It was really easy and very fun.

 This is the sound my robot made ⤵

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