For inquiry we where asked to make a film about an unsolved mystery at the Geelong College. In my group there was Joy, Angus and Sergei. The unsolved mystery we chose was the TGC6

Problems that we had during making the film:

  • Making sure that no one was photo bombing the video
  • Making sure that the camera was in the right spot
  • Finding a place to film that would match the story
  • Deciding what unsolved mystery we where going to do

Things that my group did well at:

  • Editing (choosing music, Fonts, images)
  • Voice overs (Going for the same length as the video)
  • Using our time wisely

What I learnt:

  • That by using black and white videos it looks more effective
  • Less is more

I really hope you enjoy our video!

Reading Blog- Week 5

untitledSilent to the bone


The Problem in the book that I was reading (Silent  to the bone) is that the baby is dropped and they don’t know how did it.

How did they solve the problem?

  • When they found the baby they called 911 (000) so when they where at court and at home they played the recording of the 911 call over and over again to find any clues in the background noises
  • They questioned people how at the house when it happened
  • They tried to find ways to communicate with the boy who wouldn’t speak.


Would I solve it differently?

I would not of done it much differently. The only thing that I would of done different would be communicating to the boy. I would still try to communicate with the boy but not like they did. They made him go through the alphabet and chose what letter to right down. I would talk to the boy then get him to write back on a piece of paper.

Why would I do that?

Because it wouldn’t take as long and it would be so much easier. If you think about it if you did it the way they did in the story if the boy wanted the letter z you would get through the whole alphabet then have to start again. That would take forever.

Please comment down below if you agree with me and you think that if you communicated to the boy the same way they did it in the book it would take a long time.

Reading Blog- Week 4



I finally finished this book! I really enjoyed it. Most of the time I start reading a book but then I lose interest and stop reading. I read all of this book because it really enjoyed it and found it very interesting.

6 interesting words:

  • Deposition-  a witness statement that can be used at court
  • Prosecution-  The police that are charging someone with a crime
  • Respirator- A medical machine that breathes for you
  • Au pair- A nanny/baby sitter from another country
  • Juvenile detention center- A jail for young people
  • Doctorate- Research in a particular area

Please comment down below of what you think I should read next!

Reading Blog- Week 3


So this week we have to write about a setting in one of the books we have read this week. I am still reading silent to the bone and I am really enjoying it,  I would recommend for you to read it.  The setting that I am going to tell you about is when Branwell is at the hospital getting told that his baby sister is getting better. I think all of us have been in a similar situation. When it happened to me if was in the waiting room waiting to see my dad. Everyone was telling me that he was getting better and he could move. But of course I was still worried about him. I think that that’s how Branwell was feeling.

Please comment down bellow and tell me If you have ever been in a similar situation.

My Passion- Surf Life Saving

Me at a competition in Ocean Grove⤵



memarsz sdfcvIMG_2783


I am passionate about Surf Life Saving. Since I was 7 I had done it at Anglesea beach. This year I started doing it at Jan Juc beach and we train every Sunday morning, Wednesday nights and Friday nights.


  • Every 2nd week my team does a competition. We compete against teams from Melbourne and the Surf Coast. We do team events and individual events. The competitions I have done so far are at Cosy Corner, Elwood, Ocean Grove and many others. In a few weeks I have States at Warrnambool where I will compete against all different teams all over the state.


Events that we do-

  • Beach Sprint
  • Beach Flags
  • Iron Women
  • Swim
  • Board
  • Wade

Why don’t oysters give to charity?

Because they’re shellfish

What did one tidepool say to the other tidepool?

Show me your mussels

What did the beach say to the wave?

Long tide, no sea

Have You ever done Surf Life Saving?

If you have what team did you do.

Comment down bellow



Reading Blog- Week 2


On Friday I borrowed a new book from the school library. It is named Silent to the bone. It is a mystery book. I haven’t read much of it but I cant wait to read it because the blurb sounds really good. So basically the story is about the boy and his baby sister who are being baby sat. Later that night she hears a loud bang. She runs into the room and sees the baby injured. She thinks that the boy has dropped the baby or done something to it. She calls the police and makes the boy speak. Except he doesn’t speak, he remains quiet. He thinks that if he doesn’t say anything he won’t make things worse but the police think that he’s not talking because he’s guilty. I cant wait to finish the story so I can find out who hurt the baby.

The Boy-

Well this boy is pretty much the main character except he doesn’t talk. I don’t think that he’s very smart because why would you hide from the police. I think that he should just tell them that it wasn’t him, but they probably wouldn’t believe him so that wouldn’t really work. So I suppose that he is kind of smart. I don’t really know much about him yet but I probably will later on in the story, when he starts speaking!

Reading Blog Week 1


At the moment I am reading a book called the funny thing is… I am really enjoying it. It is pretty much a diary. I like it because its funny. I haven’t read much of it yet but I cant wait to finish it! I borrowed it from the school library so I would recommend for you to read it.

What genres do I like reading?

  • Humor
  • Sport

When do I read?

  • I normally read for about 20 minuets before I go to bed.
  • Sometimes I also like to read after school when my brother and sister have an after school sport on.

My favorite authors:

  • Ellen DeGeneres- I like her books because they are funny. She pretty much writes down whatever comes into her head.
  • Jeff Kinney- Jeff Kinney writes Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I like his books because they are really funny.

My Favorite Book:

  • My favorite book is Friday Barnes. I like it because it is a mystery book.

The Big Thing Final

Today was the deadline for the Big Thing.  Last session my group was finished. Today we went back to check that it was still working and it was broken. Someone had nocked it and all the connections had broken. I was very frustrated because I had worked really hard on Friday and then every thing got ruined. Once again today we had to make all the connections again. Last week I found it really hard to get the tube to get into the right position. I had the same problem today. To make the ball get onto the conveyer belt the tube has to end a little bit high. I did do that but the problem with that was that the ball got half way up the slope but it would then fall back down. After ages of trial and error we had a rest and had a go at trying to connect to other side. It had being ruined too. All the pieces that we needed where still there. We put them all back the way they where before and then tested it. The problem with that was that the ball kept on falling off the side. We bent the cardboard to try and get it to not fall of the side but it just kept on falling of. My group was getting really annoyed. That’s all I managed to do today so I think our part is going to have to be taken out because we are doing the final test tomorrow.

WIN_20151126_093635 WIN_20151130_120323 WIN_20151130_120325 WIN_20151130_120333 WIN_20151130_120338 WIN_20151130_120345

The Big Thing 27/11/15

What did we did Did it work? Why?
 Took of all the straws and paper  No  The ball kept on getting stuck on the end and kept on falling off the side
 Put barriers on the side  Yes and No When the ball went on the side it went back onto the cardboard but it stopped moving
 Put a tube  down the middle  No  The ball went onto the tube except but it got half way then it rolled back down
 Glued the middle of the tube down  Yes and No  The ball got to the end but it wouldn’t join up to the conveyer belt
 Cut out a bit so the conveyer belt would join up  Yes  The conveyer belt was closer so the ball just went straight on.

On Friday we connected to the groups next to us. There was a lot of trial and error. I stayed in over lunch and we finished connecting to Clara’s groups building.  We didn’t really work on ours we worked on theirs because theirs needed to be fixed to connect to ours. After lunch we did a test. As usual there where gaps because people hadn’t finished. It connected all the way up to ours because we hadn’t connected to Sergei’s  yet. We where happy though because it had connected to Clara’s groups part. After that Mr Colbert helped us to connect to Sergei’s. We used cardboard and we had to kind of bend it to make the marble not fall of it and go the right way.  It didn’t take to long to do but we where really happy when it worked.


Writers Gift

Today I finished off my writers gift. I am going to give it to my parents. I have decided to put all of my pieces into a little book. Emma helped me put all of my pieces into one word folder so that when they are printed off they will all be together. (I think) I have written 7 pieces for my writers gift. I started making a bit of my book today. We had to find a sheet of colorful paper and then put it over a piece of paper for the book cover. I chose a shiny silver cover. Mrs Watson was not sure if it would work because it was to shiny but it might work when the other cover thing is put over it. That’s all that I did to it today. For all my pieces I had to take the water marks off and then just put a normal picture next to it. It was a bit annoying but hopefully it will look good in the end. I cant wait until my book is finished and I really hope that the cover I chose works!

WIN_20151127_121624 WIN_20151127_121631

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