I have finished my digi amaze us project. When we where given the task I had wanted to remake my drama dace except when I went to the K-drive to get it I found out that It cut about 30 seconds into it. I was really frustrated. I still wanted to remake a video so I used another groups one. I cut the video into different parts and then put them altogether to the song, Juicy Wiggles.

I have already finished so I decided to do another video. I am going to put all our videos that we took with the go pros and Msac together to make one big video and add music.


Digi-Amaze us!

What am I doing?

The project that Im going to do for Digi-amaze us is on Corel. I am going to use the video of my groups drama performance and edit it. I am going to use different music and cut the dance to match the music.

Why is this challenging?

The challenging part will be cutting the video and making some parts faster and some parts slower. I am going to have to learn more about Corel to find out how to do more things.




At the moment I am reading a book named Scarlet and Ivy the whispers in the walls. It is the second book in the series. The books are about 2 twins who go to a boarding school. They have a really mean stepmother and they think that everything bad that has been happing to them has to do with her. In the first book one of the twins gets taken and everyone thinks that she dead except for her sister.  At the start of the second book the twins find each other again and go back home to there father. The twins know that the school is daungheres but no one will listen to then. There father considers letting them stay at home but their step-mother is determined for them to go back. I am going to write a poem on the first book. Scarlett is alone and she has lost her sister. She is sad.


Sitting all alone

Squished up in the corner

No friends to be found


Author Inquiry

Recently I have finished the first Ruby Redfort book. I have now started the second, It is called take your last breath. All the stories are about a girl named Ruby Redfort. She is a spy and has a butler named Hitch (He is a spy also). Her best friends name is Clancy and they get up to a lot of mischief. I think this series is really good and I would encourage everyone to read it . The authors name is Lauren Child.

8 interesting facts about Lauren Child:

  • Was born on November 29, 1965, in Berkshire, England
  • Her first children’s book was Clarice Bean, That’s me
  • Originally her first name wasn’t Lauren. She changed it when she was older!
  •  She once started her own company, Chandeliers for the People, making lampshades.
  •  Between 1998 and 2003 she worked for the design agency big fish
  • She worked variously as a waitress and painter
  • She illustrated the book Pippi Long stockings
  • Her favourite books that she has written is I think I like Hubert Horatio best and Clarice Bean

Other books by Lauran Child:

  • Charlie and Lola
  • Clarice Bean
  • The Princess and the pea



This week I have started and finished a book named Look into my eyes. It is a series named Ruby Redfort. This is the first book in the series. At our school library it is under the section of mystery and crime. I really enjoyed it.

This week we were asked to sequence the events from the book from 1-10.

  1. Mrs Digbey disappears
  2. House gets robed
  3. Hitch comes
  4. Ruby gets phone call from spectrum
  5. Ruby finds spectrum
  6. Ruby solves the case
  7. Clancy and Ruby go into red heads hotel room
  8. Ruby gets stolen by Baby face
  9. Ruby escapes
  10. All the bad people get caught, except for Count.

I found it really hard to put the story into only 10 different sequences because there are lots of really important events in this story. I have really enjoyed this book!

Martian Math’s

Today we where given a maths task using shapes. It was named Martian maths. On the sheet there where pictures of shapes, each shape represents a number on Mars. On the top of the sheet there where some shapes. When you add all the numbers (shapes) together it equals the number. Although the awnsers where on the page, We had to find out what each shape is worth.


The 1st one equals 16, The 2nd pattern equals 51 and the 3rd one equals 28.

I worked out:

  • Triangle=5
  • Circle =1
  • Square= 2

For the 2nd task they gave us 2 numbers and we had to try and make them with the shapes.


The 1st pattern equals 86 and the 2nd pattern equals 39.


The last part of the whole task was the challenge part. We had to make up our own numbers from 1-25 using shapes.  (The video up the top).




Shape Animations


  • What equipment did you use?
  •    We used a DSLR camera
  •    A tripod
  •    A Light


  • Who did you work with?
  • Clara
  • Rueben


  • Why did you chose that shape?
  • Because we wanted to do something different.
  • It looked exactly like a tent so it matched the story line


  • What were you proud of?
  • I am proud of my group because we worked really well as a team and made a really good film!
  • How all the pictures fit together to make it flow
  • We managed to not get any hands in the photos


  • What challenges did you face?
  • Trying to keep the camera still
  • Moving the lego to the right spot
  • Making sure that part of the table wasn’t seen in the photo
  • Making the photos show for the right amount of time


  • What would you do differently next time?
  • Maybe  if we had more time we would add different music and make the voice overs more clear.
  • Use our time a little bit more wisely

Catching the reader

the land of stories



I really like this book except when I first picked it up I just thought that it would be a boring book about fairy’s and stuff.  What I found really interesting about the book is that it is written by Chris Colfer who was on Glee as Kurt Hummel.

I am happy that I decided to read this book because it is good and I set myself a reading goal to read more fantasy books.

Powerful Sentences

At the moment I am reading a book called the land of stories. It is a series and at the moment I am reading the first one.

the land of stories


A Powerful Sentence: 

  • Snow white felt her own heart grow heavy.

I think that this sentence is very powerful, because it is just a small sentence but the words are so strong. Even just the words Heart grow heavy explain that it is a bit dull.

The section below this sentence is:

  • Her head was spinning, and curiosity had taken over her entire body. Who? she asked so quickly that she forget to hold back the desperation in her voice.



Term Two Goals


At the moment I am reading a book named surf sisters written by Laurine Croasdale. The book is about four girls who love to surf. They train every day and go to lots of competitions. I would defiantly recommend this book. Especially for girls who love to surf.


What new genres would you like to explore and why? 

  • I would like to read more fantasy books.
  • The books I normally read are humor, School stories and some times adventure

What reading routine will you follow this term and how will you stick to it?

  • I normally read at night.
  • I really like reading but some times if I read during the day I get distracted by someone and stop looking at the book
  • I find that if I read at night I don’t get distracted and I focus on my book

Set yourself a target of how many books you’d like to read this term. 

  • 8

What other reading goals do you have?

  • To try to read different genres
  • To start reading Harry Potter
  •  To read more




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