Digi-AU Finale

So yesterday, (The 15/09/16) I presented my joint Digi project with Clara. So this term I have changes my idea so much! I started off by doing a music video with Ellie, but that didn’t work, So then I wanted to make a video with all the footage I got from my snow trip, but I didn’t get enough footage, So then I had no idea what to do. When I was watching YouTube I came across a video called back to school DIYs. I clicked on it and it pretty much showed things that you can do with your school supplies to make them prettier. So after watching a few different videos I decided that I wanted to make my own.

Did I really challenge myself? 

I think in this whole project I have really challenged myself. I was challenged when I did the project with Ellie because I had to try to learn how to use adobe premier. It is like the most confusing thing ever! We also made up a dance for parts of the video and she’s a really good dancer and then there’s me……  I also got challenged with the DIY video because with the time that we had it was really rushed!

Did I amaze my audience as much as I could have?

To be honest with you I don’t think I amazed my audience as much as I could because I only had a week or 2. If I had of done the project from the start of the term to the end of the term it would have been a lot better footage because we probably would off had some practice so we new what to do on the day. I also thing think that in my final “Draft” if I had more time it would have been good if I added some music, but it really didn’t make a difference because most of it had sound.

Even though my video didn’t turn out as well as it could of I am still happy with it.

Here it is ⤵ (can you tell me if it works?).


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