Digi-AU Update

WOW time flies! We are already at the half way point of our Digi projects and to be honest with you I am pretty nervous because I am going Skiing for the next 2 weeks so Ellie and I are struggling to find a weekend that we are both free to film. We have changed a little bit since we first started this project. Mr Henderson suggested to Ellie that because she is a dancer she should add in some dancing, So we did that, Then we slightly changed our song, Instead of the original lose it song by Oh Wonder we are using a remix (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhK8Ehv6aPI). I am finding Adobe really frustrating because I watched one of the tutorials 500000000000 times and I still don’t get it.

Capture     Capture 

Adobe Premier                       Plus                                   Me


Here is our plan of what we want to film. The bits that are highlighted are thing that we are not sure we want to include. If any of you have any other ideas of thing we can film (It can be in Geelong, Torquey and Anglesea).



Running down the beach slomo- Towards the camera

Sunset behind us doing tricks on the beach


Climbing through the rocks at road night


Shopping- for lollies


Bike riding- at the bike park

Spinney thingy on the lions playground

Skating on Skate Park

Anglesea Jumps- Trampoline place


Running down in the river

Spider thing/Slide/Swing ect (Playing at the park)

More trampolining

Canoeing and stand-up paddle boarding down the Anglesea river

Jump off the canoe


Trying on funny clothes Dance

Running towards each other starts normal then goes slow

Soccer outside

Walking away from the camera

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