Building Views


About 2 weeks ago we started a project named building views. First we where given a sheet of paper with a few different 4×4 grids/boards. Each section in the grid had a number in it from 0-4. At the top of the page there was a bigger empty grid. We had to place down blocks on the empty grid. If the grid that we where using had a 2 written on the top right of the grid that we would place two block on that same spot but on the empty grid, and so on. After we had completed every grid and recorded it we moved onto the second task. On the second page they showed us the front view of what the model would look like and the side view. From there we had to work out how to make the model on the grid. We had to work out the least amount of blocks that we could use to make that model, Then we did the same for the maximum. Then we did the same for every other building.

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