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What editing software/app did you use? I used Corel because that is the software that I am use to. Did you try something new? I did try anything new in my editing stage but I did try something new in my production… Continue Reading →


llo Readers,  What are some of the successes that you have had in producing your project? We had a lot of success when we were planting to plants and putting in the water feature. What have been some challenges that you… Continue Reading →

IProject #Planning

Hello Readers, What have you needed to do to prepare for your project?  For my project I need to prepare I have needed to create a plan. In my plan I have put in all the measurements like of the… Continue Reading →

All Subjects Week 8

Hello Readers, English In English this week I have continued on my piece of writing bread. It the same piece as toast just from the bread’s perspective instead of the boys perspective. At the end of this paragraph I will… Continue Reading →

All Subjects Week 7

Hello Readers, Maths In Maths this week we have started a new subject. It is called Create a Garden. Basically it is you have a $10,000 budget and you have to decide what trees, shrubs, plants, tables, barbecues and other… Continue Reading →

All Subjects Week 6

Hello Readers, English We had Mr. Wade. He asked us what writing is. We all started guessing. He then gave us a clue. It was that I started with T. I then put my hand up and said “Writing is thinking”. He… Continue Reading →

All Subjects Week 5

Hello Readers, English In English this week I have fixed the changes that I was told and then checked with Mr. Henderson to see if it was good to publish. Mr. Henderson said to build up to the jokes a bit more…. Continue Reading →

Zoo Conservation Film

Hello Readers, Over the last few weeks the year 6 have been making films about an endangered animal from this list: ( You need to click on the image to see the list ) To start we needed to choose an animal. I chose… Continue Reading →

All Subjects Week 4

Hello Readers, Maths In maths this week I have been to Mr. Henderson’s session. It was about naming angles. I learn how to name an angle using numbers. First you have to number your two arms. I named mine 1 and… Continue Reading →

All Subjects week 3

Hello Readers, Maths In maths this week we have continued our angle project. I have changed my photo from the photo of the grass to a photo of a giant pineapple building. We have got our results from the test…. Continue Reading →

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