goal #1. Finish a book

Goal #2. finish homework on time.




I will spend some time in the library to pick a book that I know I will have a good chance of finishing. I will make some time after school every day for reading so the I can get closer to finishing the book.


Similar to the first goal I make sure that I have at least two free nights so that I am able to just concentrate on my homework. If I am unable to complete it because I do not understand it I will go to the teacher who gave me the homework and ask them to explain the task.



Team Mish Mash

Our show is called “Mish Mash”. this is going to be a reality TV show about 4 girls with completely different personality’s live together in one house for a week. we are hoping to make this short film 5 minutes. we are thinking that we should create different problems that each girl has to come across (some of the problems are listed down below) we are also thinking about doing some piece to camera so that all 4 girls are able to tell what they are thinking and there impressions of on another.  the theme to this is reality drama.



Team                            Personality                          Name (In the show)


Annabelle                      Tomboy                                          Joe

Maeve                               Diva                                            Jessica

Izzy                                     Goth                                               Ivy

Ciara                         Peacekeeper/hippy                   Harmony

Dominic                              Host                                           John




Different arguments:

  • Nail polish
  • Dyes clothes pink
  • Soccer ball accident
  • Bird poop
  • Interviews  – judgment time

mish mash



Leaning Goals

this fortnight my goals were:

Finish my passion project

Find a book to read over the holidays

go 100% in  the swimming carnival

Describe: I think that I did very well with my learning goals this week, I have almost finished my passion project, I have found a book to read over the holidays and I was in every relay in the swimming carnival and tried my best in all of  them.

Feel: I feel happy that I was able to achieve these things and also proud that I have almost complete everything that I think I need to.

Evaluate: some of the problems that I had towards my learning goals were that Brooke was in Queensland the days that I was free to complete our passion project, and I had ballet from Saturday to Wednesday this week.

Analyse: I think that we had these problems just by chance but I do think that we should have tried and organized something so that when the problems did come we were more aware and organized.

Conclude:  over all I think I did well and as always room for improvement.

Plan: Brooke and I were able to get together on Saturday after ballet this is when I was almost  able to complete the goal of finishing my passion project. I will try and get together with Brooke to finish it before next week.





Photography challenge

this weeks theme is your choice!!!

I think that theme to my photo is water or up close and personal (comment down below and tell me what you think it is) I have not edited this photo because I liked the way it was and how it was half water half deck and in the middle a rail. I took this photo at Eastern beach at the photography excursion.

I hope you like it!



Photography challenge

This weeks theme is Water. I decided to take a photo of a leave with droplets on it. as you all know it has not been raining lately so I had to use a water sprayer to wet the leave. I have not edited the photo. I hope you like it!


With this next photo I tried to be more creative. so I took the leave off the tree and placed it onto a rock, I think that this gave a better effect.


Learning Goals

Finish Passion Project:
this week and next week are our last weeks do finish our passion project. all we need to do is edit, unfortunately I am no unavailable on the weekend so I am unable to work on it with Brooke. this week I am hoping to spend a lunch time or two editing it so that we can finish it.

find a book to read over the holidays:
I would like to find a book to read over the holidays so that I can stay productive and keep up my reading skills. I will do this by returning all of my books so  that I am able to borrow for the holidays.

go 100% in the swimming carnival:
the swimming carnival is finally here! and I can finally complete my goal of going 100% in the swimming carnival. trying my best is not only about swimming as fast as I can but also supporting my house (helicon) I can do this by bringing capes and hat etc. I have tried my hardest in swimming lessons, so I hope that it will be enough to help get Helicon to victory.

goals sgnopesihgipewughewiughw;eg



Reading Log

We have studied review writing this year. Choose one of the books you have read this year and write a review of it. Remember to include all the sections that make up an effective review e.g. background information, brief story synopsis, discussion of key themes/messages, your opinion with supporting reasons and maybe a rating.

Two Wolves:

this book is a great read, it is about mystery and crime. it has main called Ben, he is around 11-12 and is confused and annoyed about the all the lies and rumors, Poor Ben doesn’t even know what is happening in his own family. He knows that his parents have done something, his mother cuts his family’s hair, they switch cars and go on a “holiday” they are obviously hiding something. Ben wants to find out what is happening so he decides to become a “detective” Ben loves deceives, he loves to make films on them and loves to find some small gadgets that could help with his discovery’s. I think that the message through the story is about trust and honesty, I think that Bens parents need to trust ben and tell him what they are up to. I think that this book is for all most all ages and you always want to read more. if I were to rate this book I would give a 81/2 out of 10


this week I have read 1/2 an hour


Photography challenge

this weeks theme was Movement/Motion. I decided to take a photo of me in the middle of a front handspring on the trampoline, I cropped the photo and changed the saturation. Brooke was the one to take the photo so credit to her 🙂 hope you like.

(Here is the before and after)DSC_0040