July 18

English Poems!!!

Hi guys here are my short poems, in one of them I had to use Metaphors and in the other one I had to use Alliteration. ( I hope you enjoy them!!!).



There was a boy called Stan and he was a tower, six foot four at the age of 10 can give you so much power. His dad called Peter was a bus, but although he was big and strong, he would never ever cuss. Stan’s house was  so big it nearly touched the clouds. The walls were red and so was his bed and the poem must end now.


Samantha the stripy snail was small and very very slow, she slithers on the ground and swears a lot and she loves to sing when she is on her own.

Brown-lipped Banded Snail (Cepaea nemoralis)

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February 3

My Term 1 Goals

em this hi guys,

My school goals for this term is to ( Improve My spelling/hand writing).

Step 1- I’m going to practice my writing

Step 2- I will test my self with ten words a week witch will help with both

Step 3- I will try to use spell check less

My Personal goal for this term is to ( Try and make the A’s for APS football)

Step 1- To improve my fitness, by going for runs

Step 2- Get my hand eye co-ordination better

Step 3- Improve my kicking accuracy when kicking for goals

I think these goals are realistic for me and that I will have fun working on these goals this term.                        Thanks for reading Bye.




November 6

Expo Reflection

Hi guys,

Last week year 6 had an expo to share our work for this year…… Hope you enjoy!

I got to admit when the Expo started I was a bit nervous, but then I realized there is nothing to be scared of I was just telling people what we did this year. My personal highlight was probably showing my Dad all of my work and showing everyone our Travel Journals. Plus I really enjoyed Sebi’s book launch (It was amazing) he spoke really well and got to read the first chapter of The Stone Of Power. Altogether I had a great night and I think the expo helped me with my public speaking.

October 15

Amaze_them: Plan of attack: final post

Week 2 tasks (to be completed at home):

Finishing script


Week 3 tasks:

Shotlisting and planning

Commence filming

Email the Grade 3 teachers

Week 4 tasks:

Continue filming

Commence editing

What I will be showing at Expo (middle of Week 4):

 Maybe our film

Our script for film

Our shotlist for our film

Week 5 tasks:

Monday – live presentation to Grade 3’s

What I will be presenting to teachers for final assessment:

Evidence of live chat to kids (photos and written reflection)

Finished film

Planning documents

October 8

My Zoo Trip

Hi guys,

Next week we are going to the Zoo to explore wildlife and to start our films about animals. I chose the seal and here is some of my research for them.


  • Around the world there are 33 different species of seals
  • Their whiskers are very sensitive and help them detect prey in the dark waters where they can’t see
  • Particular species of seals have been known to live for up to 46 years
  • But average seals live from 25- 30 years
  • The reason oil spills are so leathal for seals is that they cause great damage to their breathing as well as their throat, ears and eyes
  • Seals are carnivores and enjoy eating fish and squid
  • Seals are mammals so they need air to breath


  • Seals are normally found in colder waters like the Artic oceans and southern oceans

What kind of Habitat do they live in?

  • Seals have a wide range of habitats in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, depending on their species. The one thing all seal habitats have in common is the fact that they all include water

What does the seal eat?

  • Seals mainly eat fish and squid

What are the seals predators?

  • Seals have many predators like Great White sharks, Killer whales, polar bears and Humans

Why is the animal a part of the zoos community conservation campaign?

Because seals are dying from oil spills, litter, Getting slaughtered for there skin and not even mentioning there natural predators

What can people do to help?

– Don’t where any seal skin clothing

– If you see litter Pick It Up

On the day of the excursion I would like to take an under water shot of them swimming ( with voice overs) and some shots of them sitting on there rocks. All together I hope some of my shots work and I have a great time at the zoo.


My Piece To camera will be something like this, Hi guys i’m Xavier Potter and this is my animal conservation film about SEALS, You guys might think you know a lot about Seals, but do you really.





September 9

Amaze_them post

hi guys,

Paddy and I have been working on our #amaze_them project. and for you that do not know it is about bulling. What we have been doing right know is the shotlist and also I have finished my email. What our film is going to be about how bulling can affect someone but there can be a bright side.