Pyramid Poem

Ocean Waves crashing Sand between toes Warm sea breeze blowing Cheerful, boiling, sun burnt, entertained Surfers, Swimmers, Life savers, families, kids People splashing each other in the shallows The sun’s rays making diamonds on the water The ocean, a translucent aqua colour reflecting the sunshine Under the summer sun and in the pure salty ocean […]

My Student Led Conference

For my Student Led Conference I will share the following four pieces with my parents: English – I will share a piece of writing called “Armchair” and some of my Parvana summaries and reflection. History- I will share my research project for term 1 on the holocaust, my Qin Shi letter and planning and my Ancient Rome […]

Term 1 GOALS

Hi everyone, My goal for term 1 is to get all homework in on time, this will help with my organization skills. Some ways I can achieve this is to: use my student planer and to keep track of what homework I need to to space my homework over a couple of days so I don’t do […]


Hi guys, Here is my post on how I thought last night went. Well to start off I’d like to say I thought it went really well!! Everyone that came was really enthusiastic and it was nice the way the parents interacted with the people at the station. But a highlight to me was the year […]

#AMAZE_THEM: final plan of attack

Hi there, As you guys are all aware #AMAZE_THEM projects are getting closer to being handed in. Here is my planner of what I will be doing each week.   Week 2 tasks: Netball clinic on Friday with year 6 girls and boys Week 3: Lily Mithan come in early in the week. And start […]

ZOO post

WERE GOING TO THE ZOO!! For inquiry this term we have to pic an endangered animal and then make a short film on it. I chose the elephant here are some facts about them.   Here are four main things I will be focusing on in my film:   Habitat Food Facts Endangered   Today […]

RAPSTARS reflection

Hey, This post is about what we have been doing in Music this term: RAPSTARS. It was pretty fun. Here is a bit about the process. We started by reading a book called “the blue day book”. The book was about having a bad day and lifting your head and getting on with life.  Then we started […]

#AMAZE_THEM update

Hello, I’m back with my #amaze_them update progress post. So far Chase and I have been: Emailing Lilly Mithen, to try to get her to come in. Making mixed netball teams. Preparing for our netball round robin by making a PowerPoint on how to play to share to everyone. writing up a Q&A that we […]