English homework

Winter poem


Snow, snow is a Blanc piece of paper, snow can be dangeousr but somehow it can also be full of joy and exhilarating. Snow is a powder soft as a babies bottom, snow is silvery silently it slides down the slippery steep mountain. But when it has done its job it is spring and then the magnificent white blanket melt away.


End of year short film

Hello all,

For the end of the year we have chosen to do a fun film. In my group is Eden(salesman/sivilian), Reuben(weather), Andy(anchorkid), Hugo(anchorkid), Fletcher(anchorkid), Sam(interviewed kid) and I will be acting as the sportsman.

The genre for our film is comedy.

We have chosen to remake a version of he anchorman but kids doing the acting.

I think this film will be quite different to the other films and hopefully it looks good

We hope you like it!!

week 2 reading log

i-love-ollie-box-set-4-titles-[1]‘Me’ as a Book Character: Think about you and your life so far. What if we made a book about you? What would the main character (you) be like? What setting would it take place in? What major events would be included? Perhaps even an event yet to come? Fill in the chart below

I think that this is a brief answer to this


Personality Traits – explained 3 Settings – including a description 3 Events – in detail
 I think that would be very friendly and at times annoying to some, Myself, Hugo and Reuben (they are the main characters)are especially annoying to a girl in my book called Alyssa. School life, so a learning area and a nice calm setting.  I think that the event would be that “Alyssa” the character that thinks Myself, Hugo and Reuben are extremely annoying, got very stirred up and cracked the whippets at us and poured her orange juice on of us, and caused a verbal brawl.

What do you think I would be like as a book character!!!

reading hours: 30 mins


Week 1/2 learning goals


1. Get more photo’s for my amaze them project.

How will I achieve this goal?

I need to attend attend more motorbike ride days at barabool

2. read more to improve my vocabulary.

How will I achieve this goal?

Read more, I think this because I have only read for 1 hour this week

3. Improve my sprinting technique.

How have I been achieving this goal?

I have started doing ATHS training and will continue doing this for 1 more week, I hope that this will benefit my sprinting technique and fly past the finish line!!

Amaze_them goals term 4

Because my #AMAZE_THEM project is a ongoing project I haven’t got many goals to kick, but here they are!!!



  1. I have to take some photos at Barabool and at more motorbike tracks.

    How I am going to achieve this goal: I will achieve this goal at Barabool on weekends , I will be at the Barabool motorbike track from 1- 5 taking pictures.

  2.          I have to upload all of the photos that I take to my website.

How I will achieve this goal: I am going to put my head down and upload the photos that I take!!

I am very confident that I will pass these goals!!





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