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Famous Fictional Robots

Robot research task -Tuesday 9 May

Rube Goldberg Homework Project

What can you tell me about Rube Goldberg?


Due Friday 5th May.


Some things you might like to include:

  • A short biography (story of his life)
  • When he was born?
  • Where he lived?
  • Information about his family
  • What kind of person was he? (his personality)
  • What he was like as a child?
  • Information about his achievements
  • What was his occupation?
  • Did he do something significant? If so, what?
  • How did he become famous?
  • Can you find a picture of him?
  • Can you find a video of him or his machine?
  • What can you find out about Rube Goldberg machines?
  • Is he connected to Rube Goldberg machines?
  • What were his influences? Where did he get his ideas from?
  • How did people find out about his inventions?
  • Did he have any other inventions?
  • What impact have his inventions had?
  • What can we learn from him?
  • You may wish to include a timeline.


Some formats you may wish to present your work in:


  • A power point presentation (max. 10 slides)
  • Film (max. 3 minutes)
  • Magazine article (max. double page) Use MS Word or MS Publisher
  • Poster, booklet
  • Podcast (max. 3 minutes)
  • Interview (max. 3 minutes)
  • Another presentation tool (Sway, Adobe Spark Video)



You must include a reference list. This includes the heading and site URL of the websites you used to inform the work on your project.

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